Thursday, May 24, 2012

Postpartum birth control . . . . ha!

I think the concept of being on birth control is just hilarious at this point.  I mean really . . . what are the chances that with my history plus my incredible prolactin levels (from the breastfeeding and the galactogogs I am taking) that I would have any chance at all of conception.

However that being said - I am back on birth control.  I only intend to use pills for a couple of months just to avoid the "irish twins" that seem to happen in my extended very catholic family.  (I had to explain this to my non-catholic husband that they are 2 babies born within a year of each other.)

It is interesting to look at the family tree, mine especially, to contemplate how fertile my relatives were.  In my family there is the concept of go big or go home.  Most couples had about 4-5 kids each, but among the tree there are also quite a few dead ends.  Knowing my family's religious preferences and the belief that contraception is a sin (theirs, obviously not mine) it always makes me wonder how many of those dead end branches were really just infertility before there was any therapy.

So my gynecologist asked me when I was planning on the next one.  I really have no idea at this point, but I think in a couple years we will likely try again.  She wanted to know if I wanted a longer term contraceptive like the IUD and I told her that I really wasn't going to use anything after the first few months.  And then it dawned on me . . . after everything I have been through I still haven't given up hope of a naturally conceived child.  I can't believe that I want to put myself through the ever-negative pregnancy test routine again.  Its like I can't get it though my thick skull that I am really incapable of doing this without medical help even though logically I know we will be doing IVF again.  But I guess that's because thick skulls are a part of every branch of my family tree and my little apple won't fall far from this one.

So anyway, . . . .just because I think I should . . . I am on the mini-pill.  It feels so stupid to be contracepting, especially since I wouldn't even have a twinge of regret getting pregnant again.  My job however needs the recovery time . . .  but thats a different post all together.


  1. I laughed in my doctors face when she first suggested birth control following our 6yrs of infertility and treatments. 13 months later we conceived naturally - an official surprise. Unfortunately things didn't pan out with that pregnancy, but I never gave up hope that our days with art were done and that we'd conceive again. You're heart knows. Follow it. It won't steer you wrong, it brought you your angel.

  2. Don't laugh too hard. It can happen! The mini pill + antibiotics got me a very shocking 2 lines after 10 years of IF and 1 IVF w/ ICSI baby. Congratulations to you again on your sweet baby!

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