Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boob worship

The upside to breastfeeding . . . Boob worship.

The way my husband and my daughter both look at these things is hilarious.  I know one day after I finish this they will be flat pancakes, but right now they are D- cups.  This on the girl who was an A in high school.  If I could get my waist to go down more maybe I could fit in at the beach with all the plastic girls in their twenties.

Who am I kidding.  a) I look older, b) I now have stretch marks and loose skin, c) I don't have time for the beach anymore, and if I do in the future its to build sandcastles . . . not to lay out in a bikini.

But the one thing that makes breastfeeding worth continuing is the boob worship by the little one.  In the past couple days she has realized that the hooters are in fact attached to me and that I am a package deal.  Its kind of a funny thing but before it was just for eating, now she looks up and stops for a second, realizes shes looking at me, looks puzzled and then goes back to her business.  Before she knew that if I entered the room when she was crying that she would be fed, and she realized what these milk supply body parts could do for her.  But it was fun watching her put two and two together :)

I "get" to go back to work soon and I was thinking of transitioning her to bottles during the day and me to pumping, but alas I want to enjoy this as long as I can.

She sure does.

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