Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Baaaaaack!

Wow - can't believe its been almost two months.  There is definitely truth to the "time flies fast when you're having fun", but also the fact that when you are so busy you can look at the clock and have it be the end of the day without noticing.

So in my upload of pictures after the first week (yes I have been having way too much fun with the munchkin and my camera) I managed to crash my computer.  Let's also just say that I have not had the time to fix it until now.  So I am back and boy do I have some stories to tell.

Briefly though  . . . things are good.  Munchkin is just that . . . a munchkin.  We are having lots of difficulty keeping her on the growth curve because of multiple feeding issues - but I'll talk about that more after her next weigh-in tomorrow.  Otherwise she is healthy although limited in the happy department because of a bit of colic.  She's pretty wonderful though - even when screaming.

Hubby is good and enjoying parenthood.  He's pretty cute with the baby - I knew he would be.  Working a lot at baseline and extra to cover a colleague's maternity leave and has not complained once.  He's a keeper.

I have been well.  Still battling to make milk - but I've got a whole story for that one too.  My weight has unfortunately settled back to my peak residency weight before I lost it all to try to conceive.  I'm a little disappointed in that but I can't really diet right now because I can't afford to loose any more milk production.  I am now living proof that once you gain weight to a certain point, your body always wants to return to that point . . .even if you kept the weight off for 4 years. Hmmmph.

I can't say I've really done much else besides be a stay at home mom.  I am working on a small project for my job but even that was on hold until I got my computer functional again.  I am pretty proud of myself on the days where I accomplish bathing, eating, sleep and laundry all in the same day.  There is very little contact with other adults so I have started talking to the munchkin and I have realized I have few intelligent things to say that aren't congratulatory statements about milk consumption or diaper deposits so forgive me if I lack some mature insight in posts.

This has been the longest amount of time I have ever been away from school or work.  I very rarely had a summer vacation without summer school in my education years and I have never had the financial capability to take time off between jobs.  I am very thankful for FMLA and my job for being agreeable to the 12 weeks post delivery off - and I am even more thankful that they didn't count the preterm labor time in that 12 weeks (Otherwise I would be back already).  The fraction of my normal salary that I am getting won't pay the bills and I can't live off savings much longer so I go back in a couple weeks.  I am still thankful that I get a little something.

This has all been a very interesting learning experience . . . and one thing I have learned is that despite the infertility I really was meant to be a mother.  But that's another post too :)

More to come . .  .


  1. congratulations! can't wait to see some baby pics!

  2. ohhh its been a while, but welcome back and happy tht u and munchkin are fine, so looking forward to those other posts