Monday, March 5, 2012

a touch of irony

So yesterday and again this morning I felt better than I had in at least a month.  I didn't want to jinx it by saying anything but I was actually contracting only about once an hour and not too bad at that.

It was a great day, a restful night and a great morning to start.

A couple weeks ago when I was in the hospital I had a few little slightly concerning findings on the monitored strip and so I ended up going to antenatal testing twice a week.

Irony #1: as much as I have been worried this pregnancy - I am not usually worried about her and how she is doing in there.  One thing we are taught in medical school is that a baby who is moving is generally getting enough oxygen... and this baby moves like crazy.  (I love it)  So I have never really needed to worry a lot about her - all it takes is a little nudge and she's off kicking.

So today she had a bit of a problem with a contraction in antenatal testing.  I got sent to labor and delivery where they watched her for a bit of time - and again a little bit of an issue tolerating contractions.  Now through all of this the was doing little jumping jacks in between contractions so I knew she was fine, but this bought me a contraction stress test.  Basically a pitocin infusion until you contract 3 times in 10 minutes while watching her on the monitor to see if she tolerates it.

Main point and source of relief - She did great.  (insert maternal soccer mom pride - its like she just scored a winning goal - I'm still beaming)

But enter Irony #2: for the first time in a while my contractions were actually pretty minimal.  If I had contracted like I do at night I wouldn't have necessarily needed pitocin, but again I was feeling a bit rock-star this morning.  So not only did they need pitocin to get going but it seems to have reset my uterus back my baseline and I'm once again breathing through several per hour.

Anyway I am happy she's happy and thankful she is ok.  Just an interesting day.  And with that I am going to go lie down. :)

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