Saturday, January 21, 2012

Da funk

Sorry its been a while since I posted - things are good here . . .just been in a bit of a funk.

The good . . .no make that fantastic news . . . is that I have made it to 30 weeks and she is still cookin' in there.  I am seriously thankful on a daily basis for that.  My uterus has developed a mind of its own and has now started having little trial runs of painful regular contractions without any provocation.  This has been nerve racking for me and for my care providers because I am not following the textbook rules of being a pregnant patient. I sometimes act like I am in preterm labor and squish my cervix and get very close to needing steroids and the works - and then things relax and go back to baseline.  Fortunately I have discovered Nifedipine (a blood pressure medication used to stop contractions - really only proven to help for short periods of time).  For the first time in months I have had little periods of time where I can feel and move normally albeit lightheaded.  When I am not at work my rear is on the couch, but this week for the first time I finally got to go to the store and look at carseats.  Now I know thats not what it is intended for but I was taking the med out on a test drive. Doesn't sound like much but I have not been able to go to any store for 6 wk so it was pretty thrilling.

The funk news is that work has kind of been circling the drain.  I am not sure if people are angry with me for ditching them for 3 months or if I have offended people that maybe work isn't going to be my first priority anymore.  I am coming back "part time" when I return.  I was supposed to be 80% time like most of the other moms with little ones, but instead I only got to drop to 88% because of the way my job is structured.  I don't think some people are especially happy with my decision and where I am dropping the 5 hours from and there are now meetings behind closed doors regarding staffing.  (meetings I had always been invited to before - hmmmmm)

I have tried to do everything I can to be fair to my job.  As my husband says "its not like they didn't know this was going to happen or that there wasn't time to prepare."  The people I work with closely been aware of the infertility and ttc for a long time and they were in the first group of people to know I was pregnant.  (before this child's grandparents mind you).  But now people are starting to freak out at work that I will be going on leave soon at such a busy time and I have had to stand back and say "I'm sorry but I can't be the one to help you now".  Its a different position that I am not used to taking.  I am usually the person if asked to work extra that will usually oblige.  Priorities have definitely changed, but I can't say that they are incorrect.  I still take just as much time and care for my patients - I just can't take on many new ones.

On a happier note . . . kiddo actually is kicking so hard it hurts with her sharp little heels!  Most people don't like to feel pain, but it makes me so happy to know that she is getting strong in there that I just relish it.  I'm getting pretty excited and the nesting instinct is nuts.  My mom-in-law is going to help me this weekend with some of the things I can't do myself to get the nursery ready.

I got to lay in bed this morning (woke up at 3 something unable to sleep) feeling her moving and feeling my husbands arm laying across the pile of pillows onto my stomach while he snored.  It was just an awesome moment to have so much love in one place.


  1. Glad to hear she's still cooking and you are doing well! That stinks that your work is not being 100% supportive of the changes to your schedule. I say don't won't about it, they will adjust. Sounds like you carried more than your share for a long time and now it's time for someone else to do it.
    7 more weeks till full term! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

  2. glad to hear baby is still cooking, and as for all the people who aren't as happy about you leaving; oh well! you are making the right choice, because it sounds like you are taking care of yourself first!

  3. Yay for still cooking baby! Sorry for the contractions, though. And for the work issues. Eventually they'll figure it out and adjust. I've been trying to say no more and more lately and am already planning how I'm going to slack off like all the other people in my department do -- or, as much as my brain will let me -- once I'm back from leave. We'll see how it goes...

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  5. aww i swear everytime i read ur blog im overcome with this feeling of extreme happiness for u, hope all continues to go well...your patients will just have to understand!

  6. That's crap they're taking advantage of you. Hang in there.

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